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Committed to Value, Committed to You.

Wholesale Distributor for Stainless Steel Rigging Hardware,
Marine Hardware, and Fasteners .

About Us

Welcome to Safeland Industrial Supply!

Safeland has been one of the fastest growing wholesale distributors for Stainless-Steel and Glass/Cable Railing Systems. At present, Safeland is accredited to be the synonym of the modernization and exceptional quality.

Our company is in California at Rancho Cucamonga. Most of our employees are highly trained and retain many years of experience. We supply the highest quality and durable stainless-steel products. Our customers benefit from greater control, flexibility, efficient supply, and significant cost-savings by working directly with us. We usually finish most of the orders and ship out in 24-72 hours.

We have extensive experience and the latest technology to help our customers achieve even the most difficult or non-standard specification of stainless-steel products in any size of configuration to meet your needs without the typical high cost of custom work.

Our motto is, and always has been “Committed to Value, Committed to You.” Safeland has continuously devoted itself to providing our customers with outstanding service, high quality products and leading design. Also, our strict quality control ensures our customers’ satisfaction.

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