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  • Stainless Steel Eye Nut, DIN582, Metric Thread

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Products are made of grade 316 stainless steel
Standard dimension
Standard METRIC  thread.

Minimum Order: $50 for combined purchase

All Stainless Steel Parts are available in BLACK  finishing. Please call us for cost and availability.

Pre-Caution: Never exceed the working load limit ( WLL)

Thank you very much for your business !
Item# Size Specification Ship Weight Your Price Quantity  
S6FEN582-M6 6mm tap WLL: 400lbs 0.00lb. $ 2.00
S6FEN582-M8 8mm tap WLL: 800lbs 0.00lb. $ 2.40
S6FEN582-M10 10mm tap WLL: 1250lbs 0.00lb. $ 3.75
S6FEN582-M12 12mm tap WLL: 2000lbs 0.00lb. $ 5.90
S6FEN582-M16 16mm tap WLL: 3200lbs 0.00lb. $ 10.40
S6FEN582-M20 20mm tap WLL: 5000lbs 0.00lb. $ 14.50
S6FEN582-M22 22mm tap WLL: 5800lbs 0.00lb. $ 17.80
S6FEN582-M24 24mm tap WLL: 7300lbs 0.00lb. $ 30.15