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  • Stainless Steel Closed Body Turnbuckle Jaw/Jaw

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Products are made of grade 316 stainless steel
Standard dimension
Standard UNC thread.

Minimum Order: $50 for combined purchase

UNF thread is available upon request. Please call for cost and availability.

All Stainless Steel Parts are available in BLACK  finishing. Please call us for cost and availability.

Pre-Caution: Never exceed the working load limit ( WLL)

Thank you very much for your business !
Item# Size Specification Ship Weight Your Price Quantity  
S6RSJJ316 3/16" 200lbs WLL 0.00lb. $ 9.35
S6RSJJ14 1/4" 300lbs WLL 0.00lb. $ 10.75
S6RSJJ516 5/16" 500lbs WLL 0.00lb. $ 14.90
S6RSJJ38 3/8" 700lbs WLL 0.00lb. $ 19.80
S6RSJJ12 1/2" 1200lbs WLL 0.00lb. $ 29.90
S6RSJJ58 5/8" 2000lbs WLL 0.00lb. $ 53.20