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  • Stainless Steel Thread Stud Terminal

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Products are made of grade 316 stainless steel
Standard dimension
Standard UNC thread.
No crimping tool is needed for installation. You only need a cutter to cut cable length you need and use 2 wrenches to tie it. 
This product is suitable for stainless steel wire rope 1x19, 7x7 and 7x19. 
Price is for 1pc, including washer, hex nut and hex cap nut.

Minimum Order: $50 for combined purchase

UNF thread is available upon request. Please call for cost and availability.

All Stainless Steel Parts are available in BLACK  finishing. Please call us for cost and availability.

Thank you very much for your business !
Item# Size Specification Ship Weight Your Price Quantity  
S6SWLSTS14-18 1/4" Thread for 1/8" Cable 0.00lb. $ 10.95
S6SWLSTS516-316 5/16" Thread for 3/16" Cable 0.00lb. $ 15.00
S6SWLSTS38-14 3/8" Thread for 1/4" Cable 0.00lb. $ 29.00
S6SWLSTS12-516 1/2" Thread for 5/16" Cable 0.00lb. $ 41.60